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Plus Size Dresses

Plus Size Dresses

How to Buy Plus Size Jeans

Finding the ideal pair of jeans can be a nightmare if you are a plus size woman (or man). This guide will show you how to improve your chances of getting the ideal fit. I also recommend online fashion at Atterley Road to start with.

Firstly, measure yourself. You should get accurate measurements for your waist, hips and your inside leg (the distance from your groin to your ankle).

Decide what style of jeans you would like to wear. Being plus size, you should choose a flattering shape. Straight-leg or bootcut styles are your best bet. Avoid low-rise jeans as they will cause the dreaded muffin top.

Head out to the stores. Don't skip this step, even if you don't plan on buying right away. Go to a plus size store or a store that carries plus size ranges (Forever 21 or Lane Bryant in the US and Evans or Next in the UK are good). Select a pair of jeans that you like. Pick one in your size, and one in the next size down. Go to the fitting room and try both pairs on.

Compare the fit. How do they look and feel? If they look and feel good, take a mental note of the style and cut, also brand name if relevant. You can also write this down. If both pairs were too small, try a size bigger than usual for comparison. If you have the cash and you wish to buy, then go ahead.

You may want to expand your search by looking at online plus size catalogue ranges, such as Simply Be or Marisota. If so, use the notes you made in the bricks and mortar stores to help you locate the styles and cuts that you liked in the store. Compare prices and look carefully at the sizing guide, comparing with your own measurements.

Once you have found the perfect pair, purchase and enjoy!

Plus Size Fashion

Who says big women can't look good?"

That's the word from plus-size fashion designer Melissa Cole in the lead up to True South, a fashion show of "poly-fab" proportions. Ms Cole, whose late father was flamboyant Auckland fashion designer Colin Cole, has been sewing her own clothes for 30 years. But come Friday her new label I Love Lissy will make its catwalk debut.

"I know what my style is and I know what I love. Back in the 1980s there was nothing for plus-size girls. I just had to make it work for me and over the years I've perfected my own style. "These days I'm all about the big girl standing out. I'm not into hiding away in black clothing, feeling ashamed of my size. I'm like `girl, you better own that'."

Her fashion show kick-starts the 2012 Pacific Arts Summit and promises to explode with colour, South Auckland Pacific arts co-ordinator Ema Tavola says. "We have so many big, beautiful women in Manukau who are full of confidence and True South celebrates that. It's a parallel universe to what happens in mainstream fashion."

The two-hour show will feature three emerging and three established designers including Visesio Louis Thomsen, Czarina Wilson and Paula Chan, as well as three exciting dance groups. And lending their talents will be Pacific soul sisters Bella Kalolo and Rosita Vai. Ms Cole is ready to take on the fashion world and hold it to ransom for not looking after the needs of bigger bodies.

"It's cool to be showing in South Auckland and the Mangere Arts Centre is a beautiful place but I'm nervous too because that's my heart and soul walking down the catwalk.

"The most exciting thing is it's a plus size fashion show and let's face it – plus size rules in South Auckland."




Tips to Select The Perfect Plus Size Wardrobe

Although this guide is brief I will try to provide you with the best tips to help you choose the perfect plus size outfit. I will discuss plus size apparel from plus size dresses and the many myths I'm sure you never knew was a myth to the best jeans to show off your beautiful plus size figure. If you follow my step by step guide I'm sure you will be able to pick out a plus size dress and plus size outfits that will gain more compliments each day.


  • Any plus size clothing that you have that are baggy and unshapely to your beautiful plus size figure, throw out immediately. If you want to impress, look for plus size dresses and plus size clothing that will highlight your curves in a beautiful and graceful way.
  • We have all heard that the best color for our plus size figure are black because it is slimming and the most flattering. Well, believe it or not I'm here to let you know that its a myth. It is not about the color necessarily, in fact I would advise that if you look beyond color and instead look for plus size dresses that have appropriate styling, tailoring and general fashion. Think of hue instead of color. Colors in your plus size outfit brings attention to the tone of your skin, and even eye coloring. Black will more than likely wash out most skin color. Stores where you'll find the perfect plus size dresses are Kyonnia Klothing, Avenue and Zaftique.

Plus Size

Plus Size